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About the OYCC

The OYCC has been running in its current format since 2003.

Over these past 17 years the numbers attending the OYCC have come from a low of 70 players to a high of close to 200 of some of Ontario's top youth chess players!

Youth Championships for the OCA

The OYCC is the annual youth championship that crowns the Ontario Champions in each of 12 categories:

  • Under 8 both Girls and Open
  • Under 10 both Girls and Open
  • Under 12 both Girls and Open
  • Under 14 both Girls and Open
  • Under 16 both Girls and Open
  • Under 18 both Girls and Open

As such, the OYCC is the Official Youth Championship of the Ontario Chess Association (OCA)

Youth Qualifier for the CYCC

The OYCC also is an official qualifier event that will qualify the top players from each section to go on to the Canadian Youth Chess Championships (CYCC).

The CYCC in turn determines Canada's team that will compete in the World Youth & Cadets Chess Championships (WYCC & WCCC).

Bursary event for the CYCC

The OYCC will also be able to give some financial support to the top players from each section to go on to the CYCC with bursaries that may cover anywhere from part of the entry fee to the CYCC to full entry plus some more to help with travel/hotel expenses!

In order to qualify for bursaries, players must finish at or near the top of their section at the OYCC and use the funds for entry to the same section in the 2019 CYCC.

Bursaries may be limited to only sections with a minimum of 6 players

Sections at the OYCC

Sections at the OYCC are based on the same sections at the CYCC and WYCC/WCCC as follows:

Under 8 BoysUnder 8 Girls Born 2012 and later
Under 10 BoysUnder 10 GirlsBorn 2010, 2011
Under 12 BoysUnder 12 GirlsBorn 2008, 2009
Under 14 BoysUnder 14 GirlsBorn 2006, 2007
Under 16 BoysUnder 16 GirlsBorn 2004, 2005
Under 18 BoysUnder 18 GirlsBorn 2002, 2003

Membership in the CFC

  • The CFC is the Chess Federation of Canada, the official Canadian chess organization for players of all ages.
  • Three of the main functions of the CFC are:
    • Maintain the official ratings system for all Canadian players
    • Select players to represent Canada at International events
    • Promote chess in Canada
  • The Ontario Youth Chess Championship is part of the Canadian Youth Chess Championship cycle. These tournaments not only determine the players that will represent Canada at the World Youth Chess Championships, but they also raise the funds required.
  • For more information on the Chess Federation of Canada, please see their website: www.chess.ca

Info about the CYCC

  • The CYCC is Canada's National Youth Chess Championships divided into age groups just like the OYCC and the WYCC & WCCC (World Youth & Cadet Chess Championships)
  • The CYCC determines Canada's Youth Champions for their respective age groups
  • The CYCC also chooses the National team that goes to the WYCC
  • Sections U18, U16, U14, U12, U10, U8 Open and Girls
  • Eligibility: Must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Canadian resident for at least 12 months prior to the CYCC
  • To play in the CYCC, players must qualify through a YCC tournament (such as the OYCC) (Other qualifying tournaments can be found at the CFC site.
  • Alternatively, players may play if they won eligibility to play at the WYCC 2018, if they are the highest rated player for their section from their province, if they are nominated by the host organizer (only 3)
  • Players with any question about their own eligibility to compete should contact the Canadian Youth Chess Coordinator

Nearby the OYCC

The tournament site is also close to many of Kitchener's sites. Just a couple of blocks away is Victoria Park, a beautiful park with pleasant park land and an extensive kids play area.

On-site at the City Hall is a Williams Coffee Pub to relax in.

Just a few blocks away is Kitchener's Centre in the Square. Here is where many of the top shows will perform.

Close by is also Kitchener's famous Market. On Saturday mornings you can get lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat products straight from the regions farmer/vendors.

A four block walk will get you to the Main Branch of the Kitchener Public Library, indeed an excellent library with lots of facilities itself.

To see more about what Kitchener has to boast about, click HERE!

And there is more information at: www.explorewaterlooregion.com



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