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Recording moves at the OYCC

The OYCC is the Provincial Championship Chess Tournament for Ontario’s Youth.

As Youth progress in their chess and begin to compete more, they will find that it is necessary to record all the moves in their chess games.

It is a normal part of chess development to keep your game records and is a vital part of impoving your chess game. Using the game record, you can replay your game and analyze your moves, what moves you played well and where you can impove. By discussing your game with more advanced players or with a coach, you can find where your train of thought was bang on and where you might have been watching for something that was not of concern in your game.

The game record is also a vital tool used by the arbiter in a game to help sort out any descrepancies or disputes. It is also necessary in order to successfully claim “3 times repetition” or a draw by the “50 move rule”.

A Proper game record is recorded in clear printing with the following standards:

  • Pawn moves do not need to indicate the type of piece moving, just the square they are moving to.

  • Knight moves are indicated with a capital “N” and the square they are moving to.

  • Bishops use a capital “B” and the square they move to.

  • Rooks use a capital “R”, Queens use a captial “Q” and Kings use a captial “K”.

  • Squares are indicated with a lower case letter and number. eg.: “f5”.

  • Captures are indicated with an “x” eg.: Nxc5. Checks are indicated with a “+” eg.: Bg3+. Check-Mate is indicated with either a “++” or a “#”.

  • Castling King-side is: “O-O” while castling Queen-side, or long is:”O-O-O”

You must record both your moves and your opponents moves with white moves in the first column and black moves in the second column.

So, the following game record will result in the position in the following diagram:

e4 e5 Game Record
Nf3 d6
d4 Nf6
Bg5 exd4
Qxd4 Be7
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