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Rules of Play at the OYCC

The OYCC is a Provincial Championship, it is important that everyone adheres to strict and consistent rules in order to ensure fairness for all competitors.

Chess games are competitions between two players and so no one is allowed to interfere with games between other players. We will allow players to watch games in progress as long as they never point out moves, illegal plays or clock status. The only person that may be involved with a game other than the two players themselves is the arbiter (referee).

All games will be played with the rule of “Touch Move” which is to say that if a player, on his turn, purposely touches his piece, he/she may be required to move that piece (if a legal move can be made). Likewise, if they purposely touch an opponents piece and they can legally capture that piece, they may be required to do so. The only exception to this is if they declare “Adjust” before they touch their piece. No player may touch any pieces on their opponents turn.

Players must record their moves throughout the game. As we have increments on the clocks, moves must be recorded right to the last move. If a player falls behind in their game recording, they must catch up the moves on their own time.

Once a game is complete, players need to reset the board. The winner of a game is responsible to record the result of the game on the official pairing sheet which will be found in the tournament room. If the result of a game is a draw, then both players must ensure that the game result is correctly recorded.

If players at any point have a question or have a dispute about a game, they must immediately get help from the room arbiter (referee). An arbiter’s decision is final. If an arbiter requires assistance from an observer, he may ask but observers must not volunteer opinions unless asked by the arbiter. The room arbiter may also seek assistance from the cheif arbiter for the tournament.

FIDE - The Laws of Chess

Click HERE if you would like to read a full explanation of all the Rules of the Game of Chess according to FIDE, the International organization of chess on which Canadian rules are based.

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